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Susanna Montagna was born in Rome in 1964, she earned a degree at the SSLM University for Interpreters and Translators in Rome, however she became more and more interested in art. Altough she attended art schools, she likes to call herself “selftaught”. As an artist she begun decorating and restoring private homes, hotels, furniture and other items of design but she felt something was missing and needed stronger emotions thus dropping classical patterns of decoration.
A keen swimmer and a lover of all forms of water she is absolutely fascinated and captivated by the thausands of emotions which only the sea can suddenly trigger. Her artistic “instinct” naturally emerged year after year leading her to choose, as subjects, “water” and “the animal world”.
WATER is emotional freedom within a colourful rhythmic frame which may extend ad libitum beyond immaginable realms.
THE ANIMAL WORLD is uncontaminated and governed only by nature’s laws. She emploies “ her “ mixed media tecnique and diverse materials: acrylics and tempera paints mixed with natural pigments, watercolours, chalkes, River sand, pastels and oil paints.
Each work has been painted using a different colour blend according to subject inspiration or the artist’s mood. In Susanna Montagna’s personal view, life can be seen “ upside down” as in an emotional roller coaster thus becoming clearer and more spontaneus.
For this reason her signature is written “ upside down”.